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Our objective is to provide special services for those who met some financial difficulties such as bankruptcy, remaining afterwards cut off from both financial and business world. Us, with our professional team, we offer you various practical and real solutions for getting back in the business world without getting excluded.

Our Products

Visa "Classic" Embossed

The Visa Card is an international standard.
Low costs for management.

Easy to use

Withdraw money from any ATM.
Usage of the cards in any shop
with POS terminal, or internet

Account Management

Home banking for managing your money from home.
Possibility for limiting the card.

Customer Service

Italy: 01119838423
Send an SMS: +37378003737

Other informations

Our Cards

Visa / Mastercard "Classic" and "Gold"
that can be used worldwide

Shopping worldwide

With our Cards you will be able to make purchases during your trips all over the world. They are accepted in any shops where's exposed the Visa / Mastercard logo. Also, you will be able to withdraw your money from the ATM. In case you will be out of the EU area, no worries: you will withdraw the local currency.

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