Embossed Cards

A short description

We also evaluate the release to those who have had financial problems. They are identical to those issued by Italian banks, also called "credit cards". They therefore have the name, surname and other details printed in relief! Ours do not offer credit, as they will deduct the operation from the account to which they belong. Everything will be successful if the amount related to the operation exists in the account (ATM money withdrawal, POS / internet payment, money transfer). There are many advantages to owning one. We mention just a few: car rental, online hotel reservations all over the world, the possibility of receiving wire transfers, having separate accounts.

For our investors, we apply reduced fees for issuing the card.

For companies that provide our cards to their employees, we have advantageous offers.

Cards and Account Specifications

Card Type Daily Limit Maximum balance on the account Card price + account Monthly cost
Classic € 1.000 € 15.000 € 150 € 12
Silver € 3.000 € 150.000 € 200 € 32
Gold € 9.999 € unlimited € 350 € 102