BVTBANCO Ltd. has as its main mission the "confidentiality" of its customers.


According to the needs, every professional of BVTBANCO Ltd. has the pleasure of personally following our customers.


Inauguration of the new office in Barcelona on 27 October c. a..

Our strong points:

Finest Quality

Our products are targeted, designed to offer the highest quality.

Personalized solutions

Thanks to our experiences, we have the solutions for every difficulty.


We guarantee quick response from the moment you contact us to the solution we will offer, to minimize your expenses.

Growth guarantee

With our experiences, we guarantee the growth of your company.

What do we offer:

Embossed cards

To meet any personal or business need for payment, even online or abroad. Discover a range of services that guarantee you control and safety.


We have several investment systems, including the metals and precious stones sector.

Company opening

Establishment of new companies throughout Europe and in many other states, including the USA, Switzerland, the UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong. Tax benefits with low operating costs.


Car rent

The best rates you can find. Different categories of cars to meet your every need. You can return the car wherever you want. Possibility of renting even without a credit card.


For getting in touch with us:

  • +39 01118836926
  • +44 1444390561
  • 2092, N 01 Fore Street Ave,
    London EC2Y 5ET
    United Kingdom

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